IS-WIRELESS, eWINE's partner, launches in the market the aLTE eNB

alte-enbaLTE eNB stands for aLTErnative eNB. It is a fully functional LTE base station (eNB) running on a PC with RF-frontend functionality provided by a commercial off-the-shelf SDR hardware. With HSS and EPC provided as part of the package a customer obtains a complete “network-in-a-box” solution. It is based on open-source protocol stacks, but unlike most of them aLTE eNB is easily configurable, seamlessly running and equipped with monitoring and troubleshooting tools. aLTE eNB is an optimal solution for all R&D engineers and educators working on development or knowledge creation of LTE/4G/5G wireless access systems. IS-WIRELESS has developed this new product, first in its class worldwide, within the eWINE project.
You can download the commercial brochure here (PDF)