The eWINE workshop and Grand Challenge

eWINE promotional workshop

The eWINE promotional workshop will be organized to promote the Intelligence Toolbox, collect feedback and input from targeted stakeholders and engage them into the planned eWINE Grand Challenge. The workshop, which shall take place in coordination with the 2016 FIRE Forum edition (planned to take place end of November/beginning of December 2016) will be broadly advertised via all our communication channels to the FIRE+ community, but also to the 5G-PPP players and the overall R&D community working on wireless networking.

eWINE Grand Challenge

eWINE will organize one competition, called the eWINE Grand Challenge, that will be co-located with a major wireless networking conference taking place in 2017 (DySpan and Globecom are currently being considered). The challenge relates to elastic resource sharing in small cells and will enable the best intelligent algorithms and solutions to compete against each other using the facilities and software tools developed in two FIRE projects: CREW and WiSHFUL.
Competitors in the challenge will be tasked with developing controlling algorithms for the wireless devices available in the facilities rather than manually controlling the actions of the device. This approach will be familiar for computer scientists, and cognitive radio researchers’ network innovators. The framework of the challenge will be similar to the RobotWar programming game. Algorithms will compete for a high score, as displayed on a the eWINE public website. Different prizes (3000, 1500, 500€/prize) will be awarded in different categories (SME versus academic, best performance versus most creative).
More details about the Grand Challenge will be posted in the next eWINE newsletters and via all various FIRE communication channels.