A centralized controller for creating direct device-to-device contacts

the eWINE partners, and in particular Spacetime Networks, are developing a centralized controller for creating direct device-to-device contacts. The contacts are created intelligently, taking into account the device locations, capabilities and application demands. The Spacetime Scampi product then uses the contacts to disseminate content – such as photos and videos – directly between nearby smart devices.
The solution initially targets dense Wi-Fi venue networks in scenarios such as conferences, sports events and concerts. The combination of the eWINE intelligence and the Spacetime Scampi platform allows user generated content to be efficiently disseminated directly in the Wi-Fi fronthaul network without using the limited and expensive backhaul Internet connectivity. The eWINE intelligence can be integrated directly into the Scampi product, which allows the product to target dense wireless scenarios that were not possible prior to the eWINE project.