eWINE at the 2nd 5G Global event at Rome

Our colleagues Ingrid Moerman, Eli De Poorter and Adnan Shahid all from imec demonstrated eWINE project at the 5G Global event. They briefly explained the outline of the project including the main research goal, intelligence toolbox, using Node-RED for software components designing, Grand Challenge, etc.ewine-booth-nov16-002
The Second 5G Global event provided eWINE the platform to interact with industry professionals, various other 5G projects researchers, various academic researchers, etc. In addition, it also provided us the venue to nicely presents the project theme, providing information about participation in the eWINE Grand Challenge and demonstrating the Node-RED implementation for the wireless conferencing use case. The potential contributions of eWINE towards 5G was recognized by several attendees, especially in light of the increasing importance of experimental research for future 5G projects.
There was a lot of interest from the visitors as we promised in eWINE to make the developed software components publicly accessible which can benefit the research community to reuse or tailor the components depending upon their individual needs.