Report of the 1st eWINE Workshop

eWINE Workshop – Intelligent wireless connectivity for Future Networks
11 November 2016, La Sapienza University, Rome

ewine-ws-nov16-001The workshop was aimed to discuss how experimentation facilities can be utilized for the design of autonomous wireless networks and also presented the eWINE Grand Challenge to the broad audience. Thirty participants attended the workshop: professors and students from La Sapienza University, along with European SMEs and EC funded projects representatives from Norway, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece.
There was a great interest in the eWINE workshop not only from the people from academia but also from industry professionals working on the future aspects of wireless networks. Various researchers nicely presented their FIRE projects at the workshop and also pointed out the funding opportunities within their projects. In addition, there was also a keen interest in the participants in the eWINE Grand Challenge and Ingrid Moerman (from imec) presented the detailed description of the Grand Challenge including the requirement of participation, utilizing the list of software components and datasets from eWINE, etc. This workshop provided a nice platform for the participants that they got the opportunity of directly interacting with researchers working on projects and cleared their ambiguities in their mind for well participation in the eWINE Grand Challenge and the open calls in various other projects.
The workshop in detail:

  • Welcome and agenda: Ingrid Moerman (Research leader and Professor from imec) started the workshop with welcome note and agenda of the workshop. Download the presentation here (PDF)
  • Opening presentation on Future Connectivity from the European Commission: Jorge Pereira (Principal scientific officer from European Commission) shed light on the future connectivity from the European Commission perspective. In addition, he also pointed out the importance of eWINE Grand Challenge and how it can trigger the researchers.
  • Keynote speaker: Maria Gabriella di Benedetto (Professor at the University of Rome La Sapienza) gave research talk on the topic: ‘Towards cognitive networking: Automatic wireless network recognition based on MAC Feature Detection’ and pointed out the key research challenges involved. Download the presentation here (PDF)
  • eWINE project: Eli De Poorter (Researcher and Professor at imec) gave detailed description of the eWINE research project including the showcases involved, intelligence toolbox, involved partners, project duration, etc and how the project can be useful for the research community. Download the presentation here (PDF)
  • Project presentations: The following FIRE projects were presented at the workshop and presenters outlined the brief description of the projects and the involved challenges in their researches.
  • Upcoming coming H2020 open calls for experimentations and funding opportunities: Ingrid Moerman (Research leader and Professor at imec) illustrated upcoming H2020 open calls for experimentation. In addition, the presenters from other projects also pointed out the open calls and funding opportunities within their projects.
    • The eWINE Grand Challenge: Ingrid Moerman (Research lead and Professor at imec) officially announced the eWINE Challenge and provide detailed information about the participation, general rules, time line, prize money, etc. In addition, she also explained the list of repository from eWINE projects that can be used for the Grand Challenge. You can find all details about the eWINE Grand Challenge here.
  • Panel discussion: Monique Calisti (from Martel Innovate) chaired the panel discussion and pointed out the future funding opportunities in FIRE facilities.

eWINE project expresses a special thanks to Prof Chiara Petrioli, Full Professor at the CS Department, University of Rome La Sapienza.