eWINE joint booth at EuCNC with ORCA and WiSHFUL projects

eucnceWINE will be at the EuCNC 2017, 12-15 June 2017 with a joint booth with ORCA and WiSHFUL Projects.
An intuitive flow-based drag and drop front-end for intelligent wireless experimentation, allowing machine-learning (ML) experts, with less expertise in the wireless domain to solve complex network optimisation problems applying advanced ML techniques.
Radio virtualization on a single SDR platform offering a unified software API for

  • Concurrent data transmission using multiple standards,
  • Real-time control of multiple virtual radios through runtime composition and parametric control of transceiver chains and
  • Radio resource slicing, supporting independent operation of multiple standards in different spectral bands.

Unified control through WiSHFUL UPI of heterogeneous radio platforms (embedded sensor platforms and SDR) running same PHY and MAC.
The second release of the Portable Testbed: Thanks to a wireless backbone network for experiment control and battery packs, full flexibility is offered for the deployment of wireless nodes in real-life environments
More details will be online soon!
Website of the EuCNC event here