eWINE in EuCNC 2017

ewine-eucncBeside the intense day with the review and the ceremony of awards of the eWINE Grand Challenge, the eWINE project participated in EuCNC 2017, in Oulu, Finland (12-15 June), sharing a booth with the WiSHFUL and ORCA projects.
We had the opportunity to present three exciting demos to the EuCNC audience of over 600 registered participants:

  • An intuitive flow-based drag and drop front-end for intelligent wireless experimentation,
  • a reconfigurable physical layer for content-based service provisioning and
  • Infrastructure supported D2D content exchange.

There was a lot interest from the participants regarding the re-usability and flexibility of the software components, datasets, and other resources that are part of the eWINE intelligent toolbox. As the research proceeds over the course of the project, these components will be publicly released on the eWINE website.