The 5th WiSHFUL Open Call

The fifth and last Open Call for Experiments targets advanced solutions for controlling wireless networks using the WiSHFUL software platform and unified programming interfaces (UPIs), and using the facilities and hardware supported by the WiSHFUL Consortium. WiSHFUL has extended several wireless radio platforms with control plane functionality and as such offers an experimentation environment for early implementation and validation of novel end-to-end wireless solutions (IoT, 5G, LTE-WiFi coexistence, etc.) that improve resource utilization through advanced reconfigurabilty of radio and network settings. WiSHFUL further provides all the experimentation tools needed to validate innovative wireless solutions in realistic and complex use scenarios (large scale, high density, mobility, heterogeneous technologies, different interference conditions, testing in the field, etc.).
There is also a 1 hour WiSHFUL webinar that will be held on Friday 8 September 2017 at 14:00 CEST. The webinar will explain the WiSHUL project and the details of this Open Call, and will further present guidelines for writing a proposal (which is very limited in size!).
Detailed call information (call document & proposal template) can be found at the WiSHFUL here. This web site will also provide information on how to participate to the webinar.