eWINE demos at the IEEE 5G summit

The following eWINE related demos during 5G Summit in Dresden (19th September):

  • Resource efficient beam alignment for mmWave
  • Video streaming with GFDM FPGA implementation
  • Multi-RAT multiplexer between mmWave and GFDM

Within the video, you see the mmWave access point (AP) standing at one side next to the “Vodafone Chair” poster. The mmWave user device (UD) is the moving robot and when it moves to the left side it loses LoS communication which results in fall of the throughput. The GFDM communication is running on the latptop and the USRP located on the right side of the video. Further, a Multi-RAT multiplexer is also running on the laptop which multiplexes the video stream either to mmWave or GFDM. In this demo, if the mmWave throughput falls below 50 Mb/s the multiplexer sends the data to the GFDM communication. Therefore, if the robot is on the right side of the video, the video streaming runs on the left monitor. If the robot is on the left side, the multiplexer switches the data to GFDM and the video stream starts playing on the LCD of the laptop. Also the green-vs-red screen showing on the LCD of the laptop illustrates the current condition of the multiplexer.